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Ex-Cathedra: Irrefutable authority

The idea of power and control has always been present in my creative process. I started developing the idea of Ex cathedra, which comes from the Latin phrase ex-cathedra, literally meaning "from the chair". The chair referred metaphorically to an infallible, irrefutable position of authority allowing no space for questioning.


Strings and dimensions

The chair is held by physical strings, representing invisible and incomprehensible forces present in our known universe. Across the canvas, strings seem to escape from the dimensions that our eyes and mind comprehend, playing with elements of the model of theoretical physics – The String Theory, offering the possibility to explore multiple dimensions.


Gravity and Solitude

Gravity threatens to extinguish the world that I have created in my paintings, but strings seem to hold together spaces preventing them from collapse. Strings reflect the invisible social structures that have been created through the history of mankind to which we all want to belong and hang on to, evidencing our fear of solitude.

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